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Product design

Innovation in Product Design

At Innou we combine our experience in product design with conceptualization capacity through design thinking.

We use Lateral Thinking tools as well as User-Centered Investigation. Innou brings new ideas and points-of-view to existing designs and innovation processes. Taking into account our client´s needs and their existing resources, Innou can help your business compete efficiently and stand out due to innovation.

Product design & Development

Our process

investigación del producto


At this stage we analyze every aspect that needs to be taken into account before starting the design process.

Extensive market research helps us determine how our design is going to be used, what features it should have and what to avoid. We use all the data to define and specify the project briefing and we develop a concept. We focus on the user to come up with new features and we also generate new concepts to adapt to a changing market.


The conceptualization process consists in generating new ideas and suggesting shapes, colors, materials and textures for our design based on the briefing created during the research phase. Our clients will participate every step of the way.

concepto del diseño

Product Design

All the knowledge and information gathered during the Investigation and Conceptualization phase is used in the Design Phase, along with 2D & 3D representation techniques, to make the product real. Some of these techniques are sketching, 3D modelling, rendering CGI and 3D printing.

Product Development

During this stage we analyze all aspects to consider, ensuring a smooth engineering and industrialization process.

Once the final design is defined and perfected we begin the development phase. We tackle the engineering aspect of the product and all other requirements for its production. We use 3D printing and CNC tooling technologies to improve the process and avoid future production issues.


Industrial Design Barcelona

We are aware of the importance of finding the right balance between cost, production quality, and the need to generate profit to add value in the distribution chain. Innou works with the best partners regarding quality, cost, efficiency, and production capacity.
We have great expertise in the manufacture of injection molds and blowing molds, as well as material transformation processes such as steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, foam, wood, fabrics and complex assemblies. Our products are manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies comply with the latest quality control ISO Certifications.

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