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Packaging design

Packaging Design Solutions

Innou offers a complete packaging design service in both cosmetics product sector and FMCG packaging.

Together with our experience and knowledge in product and graphic design we can offer packaging solutions for any kind of product with a large variety of materials, always keeping in mind the product’s ergonomics, its life-cycle and sustainable product design.

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Market analysis

We conduct a meticulous analysis of the client and their requirements and needs along with a thorough market research before we begin any projects. We make sure that the final packaging will be as attractive and functional as possible for consumers. We provide 3D modelled designs and we build several prototypes until we reach the final approval prior to its industrial production.

Label design

Label Design is also an important part of packaging design. We have a specific graphic design service for this purpose that will add value to the product for which the labels are designed. We know many different techniques and printing materials so that our clients may choose the most suitable option for their product.

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