Innou develops a UNE-EN 166 certified faceshield, designed and manufactured in Barcelona - Innou Studio

Innou develops a UNE-EN 166 certified faceshield, designed and manufactured in Barcelona


29 May Innou develops a UNE-EN 166 certified faceshield, designed and manufactured in Barcelona

I wanted to tell you about a personal project to which I have dedicated a lot of time and passion since the beginning of confinement and the state of alarm in Spain.

From the beginning of the confinement, I participated voluntarily helping the healthcare community as well as the Maker community and other 3D Printing professionals. We focused on the development of a face shield. We wanted to donate them personally to healthcare professionals exposed on the front line of the fight against COVID19. Personally, I suffered this disease very closely, at the family level. My uncle Jose Maria became ill and died practically at the beginning of the confinement.

Due to our experience in industrial design and pushed by several friends / acquaintances from the health sector, police and entrepreneurs from the BNI-Avança group, I decided to carry out this project. Together they contributed € 2,850 with which we were able to face the first material costs for prototypes and first manufacturing units.


We started by donating masks to Hospital del Mar, Vall d’Hebron, Hospital San Pau, Hospital Sant Camil and the Blau Clinic geriatrics. A total of more than 350 units as of today! Thank you all!

This initiative was later joined by clients and suppliers with whom we regularly work at INNOU and other colleagues in Barcelona. Geriatric hospitals, local police and food stores that are working exposed to the public and therefore to the Coronavirus have also joined the initiative.


After the high demand and need of the healthcare community, we developed an improved industrial model based on the experience provided by doctors and nurses from the end of March to the middle of April. In May we have obtained the Certification of the UNE-EN166 regulation to be able to trade it in the private and professional scope.

Personally, I have taken the lesson that local manufacturing must now be more than ever the basis for developing and manufacturing projects locally. Thus, we can take advantage of the still existing Know-how of European manufacturing, while keeping costs competitive.

Now I ask for your support to help our client offer this product and reach companies, professionals and individuals who need it, with significant discounts with face shield packages of 10-50-100 units. The product has been developed, manufactured, tested and verified in the Barcelona Metropolitan area. Mold makers, injectors, toolmakers, designers and freelance engineers participate in this project. And they are supporting the initiative despite the adverse conditions of the ALARM situation in Spain. Thank you very much to this group of professionals!

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