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Our goal is to provide our clients with a complete interior design service in Barcelona, from concept creation for your business or aesthetics advice for your premise, to construction, as we work with very proficient and flexible providers and constructors.


Our experience as interior designers Barcelona

Some of our most successful projects are for well-known companies such as Nike and Converse, and we have worked in the decoration and design of several hotels and hostels in Barcelona. In every project we combine our experience as interior designers Barcelona in product design to create specific furniture and lighting for every space, giving a exclusivity touch to our design, which is very valued by both our clients and the customers of their businesses.

Interior design

Our process


Visit of a technical specialist.

We analyze our clients goals and consider the interior briefing free of charge.

Ánalisis de espacio y situación


Basic distribution proposal.

Concept, functionality and material first ideas we present using 2D sketching and 3D techniques. Our interior design team in Barcelona can render all the ideas so you can see them before starting the construction. In this step we also provide an approximate economic approach.


Using blueprints and memoir notes we develop the technical project, including all the information needed to correctly execute the construction of the design. During this step we arrange several meeting both in our studio and in the construction site to control the construction. We detail every part of our budget in a clear and precise way so we can better decide which are the best professionals to help us build your home, premise or hotel. We work with trustworthy providers so we achieve preset timing and budget goals.

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Our budgets include supervision of the project to ensure its proper execution. Our team and our suppliers have ample experience in both small-scale and large-scale projects. We fulfill every clients’ needs, such as individual personal projects or commercial premise building. We respect deadlines and we stick to the agreed budgets. Some of our clients have arisen from collaborations in product design to consequently do interior design, showroom, offices, interior decoration Barcelona or the implementation of a new business.
We enjoy developing unique projects combining great service to ensure an agreeable experience. Some of our latest interior design projects are Hostels, Showrooms, Offices in Shanghai and retail design for brands such a Nike and Converse.


We excel at interior design and decoration, and have abundant experience in projects such as hostels and hotels. We can provide our clients with efficient and economic solutions for the construction or refurbishing of their accommodation business. We always keep in mind the style and decoration required for each project either in Barcelona or anywhere else.

Hostel Decoration

At Innou we take into account each of our clients’ needs: moderation, simplicity and practicality for their hostel decoration, as well as elegance and distinction for hotel design, that look for a unique image to make them stand out. For each project we analyse people’s behaviour when they are in a hotel or hostel, and we detect any inconveniences or discomfort that may arise during their stay. Our solutions will provide improvement.


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