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Innovation Consultancy

We are an Innovation Consultancy

Promote your creative methods with our Innovation and Lateral Thinking Workshops

Innou uses Innovation and Lateral Thinking Techniques to organize business workshops and improve creative processes. Through these workshops we have worked with different brands helping them conceptualize new product families. These sessions are tailored to the client’s needs and are held by the I+D and Marketing teams along with the Innou team to promote creativity.


We organize innovation Workshops

We offer project management services focused on product innovation. This service focuses on the analysis of all phases of a design project to provide solutions that improve efficiency in addition to providing innovation factors.
We help your business integrate innovation processes and methodology to your projects emphasizing at any organizational levels required to optimize a work plan. We work individually as well as collectively, and transversally between departments, both in small and medium companies.

Unique Solutions

We understand that our customers’ needs cannot be classified into categories. Each client is unique and requires exclusive solutions. This is why our job goes beyond the initial briefing requirements and we add innovation values to exceed your expectations.

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